So you’ve bought your brand spanking new iPad, look at it all shiny in its box. Isn’t it beautiful? You want to pick it up, hold it, kiss it a little bit. Then you place it where it’s always intended to go…as a bookend.

Wait, what?

Yes, a bookend. Brought to you as a concept by Dominic Wilcox on he site Variations on Normal, this seems like a very ‘novel’ way of using your brand new iPad in the home (sorry, couldn’t help that). He states that:

My idea this week is an accessory to transform the whizzbang iPad into a simple practical object that may be useful around the home, in this case a bookend.

Just think about it. You’ve finished browsing and sorting your photos, had a little go on Star Walk and now you’ve noticed all your Dean Koontz’s are all wonky. Best way to sort that is making your new iPad into a stylish new bookend to sort all your paperbacks into one shelf of tidy books. Amazing.

If you look at it on the one hand – what a spectacular way of wasting money, but on the other hand it’s a particularly interesting way of making a brilliant new tool just a notch more handy than it already is. Let’s make this a real product already!

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