Thirty-eight percent of iPad users can’t leave home without them

A new study has surfaced that has pointed out that 38 percent of all iPad users take their iPad with them on the go, much to the chagrin of Facebook. The remainder of the iPad users seem to prefer leaving their iPad at home.

The study, conducted by McKinsey, which surveyed 15,000 consumers across 15 countries, seems to have a different perspective on the findings:

Of the iPad owners McKinsey surveyed, it found that 62 percent never take their iPad outside their house. In other words, it’s being used as just another home computer, like a replacement laptop for tasks such as watching video or browsing the web. While the iPad is “finding its way into places in the home we didn’t have computing in the past,” the living room is where people use their iPad: 70 percent of usage takes place there.

Seventy percent of iPad users may make use of their device in the living room, but if we’re playing by the numbers here, I’d suggest 100 percent of iPad users use their devices on the toilet, making the iPad the world’s best bathroom device.

Oh statistics, you so funny.

Source: GigaOm

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