25 iPads converted into one giant DJ turntable and visualization

It’s often hard to explain some of the thing that we see come through our inbox.  This is one of those cases. So bear with me as I try to explain the videos below, and this kick ass project.

iProject25, created by Taq (who’s also pretty renowned in the video game world for his work on Komani’s BeatMania) is a giant interactive iPad wall.  But it’s not any ordinary iPad wall.  This wall is an interactive installation that lets the audience interact with the audio and visuals to create  unique experiences.

It’s pretty clear that Taq took inspiration from the DJing world while he was working on the project. The iProject25 installation lets users speed up and slow down the video feeds on each individual iPad, giving the users the ability to sync up video between each individual iPad. But it doesn’t end there, the “audience” also has the ability to change the speed of the sound, adjust the screen brightness, and change the melody being played by each individual iPad, creating a sum greater than its parts.

It’s really hard to explain the project without seeing the video, so here’s two YouTube videos showing off the project.

It’s almost like a giant modern turntable.

Video Explaining the iProject25

Video Showing the giant iPad wall in action

Thanks to Dayne Barton for the tip.

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