Intelligent Editorial: Skitch

imgSo this time my weekly editorial will be in the form of a review! I really like Skitch and decided it was time to review it for he internet community that don’t yet know about it. Skitch is an awesome software that lets you do multiple things with screencaps, iSight photos, and just text! I saw that a few of my friends on Flickr were using this thing called Skitch. What was col was that they were taking and editing screencaps in one application. It also looked like you could upload using this software. So, I naturally went to the web site and found that it was still in private beta. I was really really disappointed because I always have something weird going on when I’m on a computer. A couple of days ago, however, I saw that Skitch was in public beta. FINALLY. I immediately went to the site and downloaded the software. I got it running and looooved it! If you have used Twitterrific, the display/minimize actions are a lot alike. The footprint when you open it is very small and it is very convenient.

The application can do multiple things, my favorite being the screencap feature. I love being able to select part of the screen to capture and then being able to mark it up with text, arrows, and various other things to point out what I need to get across. Another great feature is the webposting. All you have to do is give Skitch your Flickr info and it will upload your creation at the touch of a button. From Flickr there are many possibilities, you can blog it, embed it, and multiple other things that are wayyy awesome.

Skitch is one of the applications that make you happy to be a Mac user!