Intelligent Editorial: Safari Being Pushed On Windows Users?

Whoop De Freaking Doo, another post about Apple pushing Safari on Windows user right? Well, sort of, but from a new angle. Vincent Ferrari of Insignificant Thoughts says it best with this quote:

“Those bastards at Apple have done it again. They’re leveraging their installed base of iTunes to optionally have people download Safari for Windows!

Okay, America hello and welcome to Earth again. Apple is a business. They need more users of their software to make themselves more know in the tech market. I guarantee you that 75% of the kids in my school think that the iPod is the only thing that Apple makes. You and I both know they would be wrong, but they don’t.

Those people who think Apple IS iTunes and the iPod are the ones who need to be exposed to Safari. So, as far as I am concerned this is a brilliant move on Apple’s part. Their stockholders should be thrilled. Not to mention the fact that this is not being forced on anyone.

It is set up so that when you open the iTunes update window, you have the choice to also install Safari. But the real problem is how they hide it I guess. I mean I had so much trouble finding it IN PLAIN SIGHT. Come on folks, will you stop looking to pick at every little thing Apple does?

Argument two. Well, most users do not know that they can unselect the Safari checkbox. Yes they do. Look if you can click or unclick it you have the choice to download it or not. If the user doesn’t look to see what they are getting then most likely they won’t mind having Safari anyway! On the other hand if they are not smart enough to verify what they are getting they don’t need the space anyway because eventually that computer will be virus ridden anyway.

Apple is a big company. Many people like Apple. This must mean that the people who do not like Apple have to say how horrible Apple is. I have one simple idea, Then next time Stephen takes a dump, let’s not analyze whether or not it means that the iPhone will have an update next month. Oh well, I guess the internet makes everyone an expert.

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