Intelligent Editorial: Apple Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

Hmmmm… It seems to me that many Apple users do NOT know many different secrets about Apple! I, as a Mac user for less than a year, actually do!

Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am just not seasoned as a Mac user. I have no idea. But from what I see these are just a few o the mentalities and thought processes going on in the typical Apple users mind. And yes, I own a Mac and love it much more than any Windows computer I have ever used.

1. Stephen P. Jobs is NOT God. (I know, it is truly amazing to me too. He did have family of direct relation though! Great right!?)

2. is NOT Steves E-Mail address. Don’t bother thinking it is him and E-Mailing it just to ask.

3.Apple does not care about it’s customers. (Your customer service rep may, but they don’t. They care about their shiny new Ferraris in the parking lot and the stockholders.

4.You are not “special” for owning a Mac. Get over it.

5. You do not need to throw a party for your MacBook’s birthday.

6. Steve Jobs is not friendly to anyone but the people who can make his life Hell.

7. Putting you iPod in debug mode does NOT mean you are teh u|33r 1337 h4x0r of iPods. It means you can read.

8. People who cannot get their Mac to work should not be condemned to Hell. (Just Apple customer service which is quite close lately.)

9. Not everyone can afford or wants the newest shiny Mac.

10. Not every single new patent means that there is a new Mac/ other random device is to be expected. CHILL!