Intelligent Editorial: Apple Customer Care

Although you may not believe me after my previous editorial, I really think Apple is an awesome company. Something about having a mac makes you feel “special”.A good part of that could, very well be their amazing customer support. Every single customer support experience I have had with Apple has been awesome. So, in this late edition of the intelligent editorial, I want to address Apple’s customer care/ support.

When I got my MacBook about a year ago I had never even used a Mac before. To add on to that I had never even liked Mac’s. I thought they were more of a toy computer. Well, I was hella wrong! I got mine and saw that it did many, many more things faster than a Windoze machine. I was thrilled. But, of course with more power comes more opportunity for a problem. And this inevitably led to a call to Apple customer support. The first call I made to Apple was regarding the sites folder on my computer and turning on web sharing. I really wanted to set myself up a website and saw the ease of making a website on a Mac a good way to get started on just that. Well, every single time I tried to enable this web sharing, it just went on in a loop. I was getting really tired of waiting so I called Apple with my problem. The person I talked to actually couldn’t help me with that problem besides doing an Archive and Install. She fell all over herself apologizing and said if I had any problems to just call back with the case number she gave me. I was really impressed with how friendly and apologetic the customer service rep was over the problem. The second time I had a problem was when I installed updates and my computer got stuck in loop while booting up. The Apple showed up on the screen and it just stayed there for hours. I decided there was a definite problem. This meant yet another call to customer support, this time around Christmas. When I called in they told me my computer was out of the free support call time. They then proceeded to tell me it was the holidays and I sounded like a was really having a big problem so they would give me one call free! I could not believe how awesome they were about my situation. This problem, just like the previous one, was fixed by doing an Archive and Install. Customer support this time was not only apologetic and helpful but also very very generous. The final time I called in after installing Leopard and told them I was having a problem with force quitting way to many applications. The support rep’s first response was, “Wow, dude the same ting happened to me right after I installed leopard.” I laughed at how he didn’t call me sir and told him my exact problem. He had that call finished and fixed within ten minutes. I could not believe how awesome they had been. This was when I realized great support was not just a good luck kind of thing, this was something that was very common with Apple. Ever since I got my Mac I have been thrilled with Apple’s customer support. Everyone is always helpful and they are always very personable. Overall, I can’t say I have ever had a problem other than the voice recognition misunderstanding me and sending me to the wrong person. I do understand that you are paying for this support but I still cannot find a flaw. I hope this post has been a bit of a contrast to my rants from last weekend!