Incase iPhone 3G case

I’ve had my share of iPods throughout the years and I’ve always gotten cases with them, or used an older case since I knew it would eventually hit the ground or get scuffed and scratched up. It hasn’t been any different with my two iPhones.

Each time I’ve purchased a new case, whether it’s for my iPod, iPhone or notebook, it’s always been from Incase, and generally I’ve been pretty pleased with the cases. However, with my iPhone 3G’s case, I’m not satisfied.


When I bought my iPhone I also bought a case, again from Incase (the case pictured above to be exact). This case has completely fallen apart. Both the top, near the headphone jack, and the bottom part of the case between the Dock connector and screen have torn.

My original iPhone case, which is still in use has been flawless. Granted, there is some discoloration, but that’s to be expected. However, the case itself is still intact and probably will continue to be for a while yet.

Most wouldn’t think that replacing a case would be that big of a problem, and in most circumstances it wouldn’t be. But when you pay $30 for a damn iPhone case, I find it horrible that the thing cannot withstand a year of use.

Two major differences between the original iPhone case and my iPhone 3G one is that the original one feels more substantial, thicker and feels like it would hold up quite well, and it has. The new one seems to have been rushed out to market. The hole for the headphone jack is off center, along with the hole for the camera. This is how the case has been since day one.

It’s not a product I’d recommend, unless they have made vast improvements since July. If I do end up replacing this one it will probably be with a hard case, versus the soft cases I have been using.

Don’t get me wrong. The case has done its job and protected my iPhone, but it still does not meet my expectations for a consumer electronic case.

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