IMDB: the Portable Edition Review

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly looking up information about an actor or actress while you’re watching a movie at home, watching a TV show, or just out and about. Since the inception of the iPhone there has always been the capability to obtain the latest information via This has been handy, but Amazon has outdone themselves with the IMDB iPhone OS application.

As with the website, there is a ton of information that is accessible via the application. All of the expected information of your favorite actor is pulled from the internet with ease. Amazon has brought out the red carpet for the actors by formatting their information into a readable format.

The biggest asset for the application, I believe anyway, is that the application has the ability to pull forth lesser known aspects of the IMDB website. Take for instance, the ‘US Box Office Results’ item. Previously, before the redesign of the website, it was somewhat difficult to find the Top movies of the week. Now, just like the in the iPhone application, it’s easy to see how much the top movies made last weekend and exactly how much they’ve grossed. One thing that the app shows that the website does not is all of the movies and how much they have grossed for the weekend. You only get the top ten on the website.

There are a couple of things missing though. The biggest is the inability to navigate the message boards. It’s not the end of the world,  although it would be a nice feature to have to sit back and talk to the other movie fanatics.

The second missing feature is the ability to see which movies are being released on DVD in a particular week, and then being given the option to purchase them on Amazon. It just seems natural to me to have a link to purchase the DVD, if one is available, from Amazon.

If you’re a movie buff who hates scrolling on the website while in Safari or if you’re just somebody who likes native applications, then this is the app for you. Go and grab it from the App store. It’ll only cost you the bandwidth to download the 500kb file.

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