New iLife Coming Soon? Let’s Hope So

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The rumor mill is buzzing today about a possible next release of the iLife productivity suite.

iLife 09, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb, and is bundled with every new Mac, was last updated back in early 2009.

The Faces and Places functionality that was introduced at that time was, and still is pretty cool, but we Apple fans are always hungry and it’s time for something new.

According to, there could be an iLife refresh as early as August 7, 2010 which could include some significant changes:

  • All applications will be 64-bit
  • Improvements in iPhoto Faces & Places
  • Improving the integration of social networks
  • iWeb will be totally renewed
  • New application (mystery!)
  • Disappearance of iDVD that will be downloaded (like iMovie HD)
  • MobileMe gallery in beta (with Faces & Places)

The guesstimated price would be $79. These are some bold predictions, but as always let the comments flow with your thoughts!

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