If you like casual games Fall Down’s probably for you

    Some of my favourite games for the iPhone are ones that let me get in, get my gaming on, and then get out. If I plan to spend some prolonged time gaming, I’ll probably sit down at my computer or my Xbox 360.

    Fall Down is one of the simpler games on my iPhone, and it’s super fun, especially if you like challenging friends to a game of “Get the best score.” The concept of the game is super simple. Tilt the screen to make the ball roll from left to right, while trying to make sure you don’t get squished between the top of the screen and one of the neon rows. The faster you are at getting down the screen the better off you are, and it’s not too long until you find yourself in panic mode. I’ve had a hard time getting passed the blue stage (level three), and the difficulty ramps up pretty quick.

    The game is currently free on the App Store, so get to gettin’!

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