Iconfactory teases Twitterrific 4

While Tweetie 2 is still getting some OS X love according to Atebits, most have become annoyed with the application’s lack of support for new features. But Tweetie isn’t the only native OS X Twitter client that has begun to show its age. Twitterific is right up there with them.

When it comes to native OS X Twitter clients, there really isn’t much to choose from any more. The best options on the market seem to be AIR applications. Iconfactory is hoping to fix that finally by releasing a huge update to Twitterrific.  As an aside, it’s kind of funny how people really expect indie developers to act like major software companies with support and feature requests, but complain about the cost of their apps.  Iconfactory, much like the Tweetie team, had shifted their priority to iOS applications, so obviously OS X updates would be a little slower than normal.

Iconfactory has released a little tease on their blog today, complete with a screenshot of Twitterrific 4. There is no firm release date and no real details, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

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