iBooks gift cards available in Apple Stores, iBookstore

iBooks gift cards are now available in Apple retail stores and the iBookstore, as reported by Mac Life last week.

The gift cards, available in denominations of $25 and $50, are meant to be add-ons to iPad purchases. Add-ons are a common way for retailers to not only boost overall sales, but to increase the number of items per transaction, per customer. They are also useful for promotional purposes. By offering the iBooks cards, Apple must be hoping to bolster usage of its e-reader.

Note that the iBooks gift cards will function the same as iTunes or App Store gift cards; meaning, they are interchangeable and can be used in the iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBookstore. The iBooks gift cards are available for purchase at Target as well.

Do you think iBooks gift cards will be as popular as their iTunes/App Store equivalents? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Article Via Mac Life

Photo Credit: iLounge

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