iAd Producer Adds Twitter Support

iAd Producer 2.1, the app which allows developers to create iAd content for iOS apps, has added a few new doo-dads… one of which is Twitter support. In addition, iAd Producer now offers support for third-generation iPad Retina display.

There’s a nice little blurb about the other stuff it has to offer over at Mac Observer:

Version 2.1 also added the ability to include WebGL content in iAds, loads faster and improved overall performance. Ads can be tested ahead of release through iOS devices connected to your Mac via USB. 

iAds is an advertising system created by Apple to run at system-level in iOS for iOS products (like iPhones, iPods, iPads) and allows developers a better degree of control over how ads integrate with apps. Apple recently raised the share of profit that developers receive from 60 percent to 70 percent as a response to low click-through rates.

iAd Producer is available from Apple’s developer website.

Source: The Mac Observer

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