I want my Audiobooks, and I want it NOW!

    After spending one week with my iPhone I pretty much love a lot more things about it then I hate. Well, I only really seem to hate one thing about it at this point. I ordered some audible audiobooks on my laptop a couple of nights ago. Normally, I’d just drag those audiofiles to my ipod/iphone in iTunes and be on my merry little way.

    But, here’s the problem. I tied my iPhone to my Mac Pro so it wouldn’t let me get any of the files off of my laptop. Should this really be a problem in 2008? I mean it’s not like DRM and mp3’s were created yesterday. Why the heck can I not legitimately transfer files I paid for to my iPhone, from what ever machine tickles my fancy, so long as I own it, so long as the audio was purchased on my account, so long as I am signed into my account. Is it really that difficult of a task?

    I know what you’re all thinking.

    “Why didn’t he move the files from his ibook to his mac pro then put the files on his iPhone”. Am I right? I bet I was!

    Well, principle aside, I was out of town with my iBook without physical access to my Mac Pro. So, that left me with no way to attach my iPhone to my Mac Pro and add the files that way.

    Now, back to the principle. How stupid is it that I even have to rant about this crap. Paid for my iBook: Check! Paid for my Mac Pro: Check! Paid for my music: Check! Paid for my audiobooks: Check! Have the ability to upload my paid for audiobook to my paid for iPhone with my paid for computers: NOPE!

    I think it’s time this gets addressed without having to crack my iPhone and install sketchy third party apps. It’s not rocket science here, surely they could create some checks and balances to ensure that I have access to my media when I want it from whatever source I want to get it from.

    Lame Apple, really freakin Lame.

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