Hot Deal: Get A Nest Thermostat For 25% Off The Sticker Price

I know it feels weird coveting a thermostat, but if you’re anything like me, that crappy beige box on the wall screams out to me every time I walk by it. Lucky for you, there’s a sweet deal going on right now for a first generation Nest.

Normally weighing in around $200.00 (we’ve seen it hit $249), you can now grab the first edition Nest for $179.00 on Amazon, directly from Nest. No, it’s not scammers, or previously used thermostats; it’s direct from the company.

You save $70.00, your house gets a little smarter, and you can stop using that god awful beige thermostat the moment it arrives. That’s pretty much the definition of win-win-win, right?

Buy it on Amazon.