Holy Crap, America. That’s A Lot Of iPads.

If anyone’s been trying to tell you that the iPad’s tenure at the top of the tablet charts is coming to an end, you may want to clear your throat and politely ask them to do better research: According to eMarketer, the United States of America is going to be jam-packed with iPads by year’s end.

The media research agency predicts boldly that iPad use will double this year to 53.2M users in the US before 2013 and will make up 76 percent of all tablets used there. They go on to predict that by 2015 the iPad will enjoy a whopping 91M owners, roughly a third of the country’s citizens. It’s worth noting, however, that even the most rabid, slobbering Apple Fanboy would have trouble saying those numbers sound right. With competition turning themselves inside out to break the iPad’s hold and Apple themselves perfectly capable of making a mistake or two along the way, 2015 seems a bit far out to be making predictions.

They also predict that tablets will be in the hands of 29.1 percent of Internet users before year’s end, suggesting the tablet market’s penetration is still on the way up. They also say that roughly half the tablet users will be men (54 percent) but that will be evenly split by 2015.

While their long-range predictions may require a few grains of salt to swallow, what it does tell us is the “post-PC” era is a real thing. Where we were once clamoring to populate our desktops with computing boxes, we’re now detaching from the PC and moving our general-purpose computing to mobile, inexpensive solutions. Apple may currently have the tablet market by the throat, but no matter who’s selling the most popular device, the tablet has yet to plateau and isn’t likely to do so for a while.

Sorry, Dell.

Source: eMarketer
Via: TheNextWeb

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