Hints from industry veteran about the next Final Cut Pro include Thunderbolt and iPad support


At the PreNAB Editors’ Lounge 2011, Mark Raudonis, head of post production at Bunim/Murray Productions, spoke briefly about what might be coming with the next version of Final Cut Pro. He coyly admitted that he had indeed been part of the select group of editors and video professionals who had been given a sneak peak at the latest version of FCP earlier this year. And officially, he was only allowed to say that “it was awesome.”

He did however, go on to speak about where Apple is headed with the next iteration of its video editing suite. Quoting Wayne Gretzky on the secret of his success, “I skate to where the puck will be,” he suggested that Apple’s philosophy with Final Cut Pro was the same, to anticipate where things are headed. “There are few companies in the world that are as good at ‘skating’ as [Apple] are,” Raudonis said.

In his own assessment of where the ‘puck’ is headed, he mentioned several things:

  • File based workflows
  • Thunderbolt
  • iPad

While he did not specify whether these things would be included in the new Final Cut, one could gather from his remarks that Apple certainly is not ignorant of where the industry is headed, nor of what their competition is doing.

With the NAB Show conferences already underway, and as we reported earlier, Apple is almost certainly announcing Final Cut Pro on Tuesday at the FCPUG SuperMeet, we won’t have long to wait for those details.

Article Via Electronista.

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