HierarchicalDock:Stacks in List View.

Now why the hell didn’t Apple Inc. think of this? I mean it’s not that far of a strech from the finder to incorporate a list view for your stacks. Now, before I get hate mail (which i’d love, considering I get zero!) some people use list view, right Mr. Ferrari! ;) The fact that something this simple was overlooked, and had to be developed by a third party is pretty crazy, but it’s no where near the ‘epic fail’ of Vista. Eternal Storms Software released a nice little app that lets you use your stacks in list view. “HierarchicalDock comes with many cool features, like QuickLook-Previews instead of file icons, different sorting modes and it can even show invisible files”. Sound like the type of app that makes my life easier, and the kind of app that deserves the donation! Feature listing after the jump.Here is the feature list from their site. These guys did a really good job of making stakes way more useful for me. Thanks a ton guys.

    Feature List:

  1. Very lightweight, very fast
  2. Can show you invisible files
  3. Option: Show QuickLook Previews instead of file icons
  4. You can copy entire paths to files by holding down the control button and clicking on an item
  5. Sort: Alphabetically, by last used date, by creation date
  6. Quickly open folders by holding down shift and clicking on the folder in the Dock
    Added in 1.2

  1. Show Finder’s color labels
  2. Show number of items in subfolders
  3. Per-Folder settings (hold down option and command and click on the folder)
  4. Open QuickLook windows via option-click
  5. Set the size of QuickLook Previews
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