Hey Kevin Turner, you produced the Kin. Lay off the iPhone 4.

Warning: I might go off on a tirade filled with expletives here.

So by now everyone’s heard about the iPhone 4 problems. It’s been on Letterman, MSNBC has done a story, and now Microsoft COO Kevin Turner thinks he has the foreordained right to take pot shots at Apple over the iPhone 4, despite, you know, shipping about 50 Kins.

Kevin Turner spent some time at a conference letting people know his personal opinions about Apple’s problem with the iPhone 4, and he even took a moment to point out that the Windows 7 phone won’t have any limitations about how you hold your phone.  Thanks for pointing that out Kevin; we appreciate your half-formed opinions and misguided intentions.

All kidding aside, if the iPhone 4 is Apple’s Vista, then what the hell is the Microsoft Kin? Sure, the Kin might not have had hardware issues, but the phone should have never made it to market, and instead been kept in the attic like Quasimodo. Can someone please tell these guys that it might be in their best interest to censor themselves in these situations?  Because, before you start taking shots at another company, it might be smart to, you know… ship something. There’s always a lot of talk about shipping stuff from the Redmond crowd, but I can’t remember the last time they actually shipped something progressive and innovative.

Microsoft’s last foray into the cellphone market was the Kin, which was about as big of a success as the JooJoo, or the infamous Phantom gaming console. Before you start flinging crap like monkeys, you might want to make sure you’re standing on the high ground, because crap rolls downhill, and right now Microsoft is at the bottom of that hill, and the crap’s rolling downhill quickly.

Article Via ComputerWorld

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