Harvester Uses Passbook For New Voucher Campaign

Harvester, a food chain in the United Kingdom, has started to use Passbook to run its new voucher campaign. The voucher is exclusively available to Passbook users, and hasn’t been made available to Android or Windows Phone users. The voucher gives £5 off any £30 or more purchase.

This is one of the first times that a UK restaurant has used this form of vouchers for a marketing campaign and a successful campaign at that. So far, Harvester has issued around 16,000 vouchers and has seen that 700 of said vouchers have been redeemed. The company has also stated that it has seen a cost per action of £3.41.

A Harvester representative said the following in the voucher campaign, “Clearly Apple Passbook users love a great deal as much as they love their technology. [The] platform gave us real-time data and secure redemption we needed to control the offer with confidence.”

Passbook was launched with iOS 6 as an easy way to store vouchers, boarding passes and rewards cards. Some of the biggest Passbook supporters include Starbucks, United Airlines and Major League Baseball as they’ve all made their gift cards, boarding passes and tickets available to Passbook users.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.