Happy Thanksgiving


If you live in Canada like me and Joshua, Thanksgiving arrives for you this weekend and many of you will have a chance to mark the occasion with family or friends. While you’re stuffing your gigantic Canadian piehole with… well… pie, be sure to take a moment to remember what it is you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for many, many things and, yeah, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m thankful for the really awesome Apple products that have made my life better. I’m also grateful for rock and roll, ice cream, the fact that my cat figured out where the litter box was on the first day I had her.

Jokes aside, I’m also very grateful for my lovely family (especially my two beautiful daughters) and I’m grateful that I have such a great job and know so many lovely people.

So I’m going to go ahead and say this on behalf of the Macgasm team: Happy Thanksgiving.

Source: Pilgrims

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