Grand Theft Auto turns Chinese

It opens like an old ninja film, with the intro story we have come to love as a part of Grand Theft Auto.If you know Grand Theft Auto, then you know what to expect from this game – and you will not be disappointed. It is the same setup of challenges as the video games, only on a more portable device.

What I love about this app

It stays true to the GTA I have come to love as a video game…the same thieving, running people over, driving, etc. You use your left thumb on the screen like a touch-joystick, and your right thumb for all the keys/options you would have on a console controller. The graphics are amazing; you can tell it took a lot of people to make this happen – it’s definitely a high quality gaming app. One of my favourite things is that it’s FREE! I still get an awesome Grand Theft Auto experience, and don’t even have to pay for it – you can’t lose!

What I don’t like about the app

The only thing I dislike about this app is that for an app, the story line is too long. I like my iPhone games to be quick, to fill gaps of time when I’m on the go – but because this app is a Grand Theft Auto game, a lot of time is consumed by the story of it all. Great for the console games, not my favourite for the app.

I would file this app in the “Must Have” category, especially for gamers—there’s no reason not to have it!  You can buy it on the AppStore

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.