Grand Theft Auto turns Chinese


    It opens like an old ninja film, with the intro story we have come to love as a part of Grand Theft Auto.If you know Grand Theft Auto, then you know what to expect from this game – and you will not be disappointed. It is the same setup of challenges as the video games, only on a more portable device.

    What I love about this app

    It stays true to the GTA I have come to love as a video game…the same thieving, running people over, driving, etc. You use your left thumb on the screen like a touch-joystick, and your right thumb for all the keys/options you would have on a console controller. The graphics are amazing; you can tell it took a lot of people to make this happen – it’s definitely a high quality gaming app. One of my favourite things is that it’s FREE! I still get an awesome Grand Theft Auto experience, and don’t even have to pay for it – you can’t lose!

    What I don’t like about the app

    The only thing I dislike about this app is that for an app, the story line is too long. I like my iPhone games to be quick, to fill gaps of time when I’m on the go – but because this app is a Grand Theft Auto game, a lot of time is consumed by the story of it all. Great for the console games, not my favourite for the app.

    I would file this app in the “Must Have” category, especially for gamers—there’s no reason not to have it!  You can buy it on the AppStore