Google updates Chrome with Lion full-screen support

FINALLY. Google Chrome stable branch gets a very welcome update today — native support for Lion’s full-screen mode, as well as the awesome disappearing scrollbars that everyone hates loves! I’m pretty happy about it, considering this comes after an interesting discussion with the Chrome dev team about whether or not all this was necessary.

I can’t find the original comments anymore, but there was a time when the Chromium team deemed this unnecessary, seeing as Chrome already had a full screen mode, etc. Granted, the UI elements were nowhere near the same, and Chrome wouldn’t get its own Desktop like Safari or iTunes does.

The beta channel also included native support for the same touch gestures supported by Safari, but it has since been removed. Not sure why, and I hope it comes back. As it stands now, you have to disable Spaces changes with two-finger swipe in order to get ANY gesture-based navigation working in Chrome, but such is life. When we’re all about #blamelion, we can’t really have our cake AND eat it too, wouldn’t you say?

Hit up the Chrome menu in your title bar and hit About Google Chrome, and it should prompt you to relaunch within just a couple of seconds. Have fun with your new Lion-y goodness!

Source: Google

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