Google Speak to Search Available, and it doesn’t like Canadians.

Like every other location based application on the Appstore, Canadians in any city not named Toronto get the shaft. It’s annoying that the national capital, once hailed as the Silicon Valley of the North, gets little integration into these applications. It makes me weep at night. The location-based findings for the Google speak to search application is cool, in concept, but is it working for anyone outside of San Francisco? It’s certainly not working in Ottawa, unless I actually add “in Ottawa, Ontario” to the search string. I might say “aboot” instead of “about,” but location-based searches have nothing to do with how I’m saying something, and everything to do with the GPS that’s built into it.

Looks like it’s more of the same for us Non-Americans–second class citizens to the north yet again. It’s not like we haven’t grown accustomed to it by now. I mean, when will we get Grand Central access? Not likely anytime soon.

*Quick aside: I tried searching for Macgasm and I got forwarded to some WWE Smackdown page. As much as I like to think we lay the smackdown around here on occasion, I have a hard time seeing how the two terms even sound remotely alike.

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