Google Introduces Enhanced Voice Search For iOS And Android Devices


Google is now making it even easier to search and find the information you need. Today, the company introduced an update to its app for iOS and Android with a fancy new enhanced voice search.

The new voice recognition technology is simple to use. After you’ve updated your Google app, tap the microphone icon and start asking questions. Your words will appear as you speak. If the answer is short, Google will actually tell you the answer aloud.

Google Search Engineer Kenneth Bongort shared the news on the company blog and tips his hat to the “Knowledge Graph” for the ability to be able to do this. Google originally announced the “Knowledge Graph” back in May 2012. It’s an intelligent model that understands real world entities and their relationships to one another. “Things, not strings.”

This is great if you’re driving and need to stay hands free. I’ve had to pull over before to manually type in what I needed. Plus, if you’re not the greatest speller, searching with your voice is ideal.