Get some Finder Droplets for the text editor of your choice.


If you love droplets in your browsers you might find them useful in the Finder.

If you’re not exactly sure what a droplet is, fear not! It’s essentially a link (or in this case button), that you can drop stuff onto as a quick shortcut. They act as quick links.

The fine folks over at Shiny Frog have created a series of droplets for the finder that let you quickly open files in your favourite text editor. If you work all day in Coda, MacVim, Smultron or a couple of others, you can now drag and drop text files in the finder onto the droplet to open them all in the application of your choice.

It’s been saving me time, so I thought it’d save some time for you folks as well.

Video of the App in Action

Shiny Droplets screencast from Shinyfrog on Vimeo.

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