Get optimized builds of Firefox for your Apple Machine.

I had an interesting chat with Jeremy Pihl about running leopard and software packages on my iBook, and how if I have to work on that G4 for much longer I’ll probably jump off a cliff. So, if you don’t hear from me or read a post in more than three weeks… send someone up to Canada to look for me. I’ll probably be easy to find considering we all know each other up here.

Anyway, for quite some time the good folks over at BeatnikThinkPad have been providing mac users with customized and optimitzed firefox applications for all the architectures that Apple has put out (G4, G5, Intel). They’re optimized to run as smoothly and quickly as possible on your machine, and I’ve noticed a substantial difference in site load times on my iBook, but not so much on my Mac Pro.

Now, if only we can convince Apple to ship a PPC optimized Leopard install I’d be ecstatic. Actually, I’d probably be pissed, as it is one less excuse I have to argue the merits of a macbook upgrade with myself.

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