GeoHot: the movie trailer, coming to a YouTube near you

The world’s first iPhone unlocker, GeoHot, appears to be headed to film, based on a trailer found on YouTube. In what’s obviously a fan-made tribute to jailbreak-celebrity, we see a bunch of bizarre footage from both real interviews and clips from another movie called Ken Park, according to some commentors on 9 to 5 Mac.

This could easily be a tongue-in-cheek publicity stunt, and nothing more will likely come from this trailer. The actor playing “GeoHot” is Chester Sobotka.

Our gut feeling: this trailer was made for the “LAWLs,” and they have no intention of making a movie at all. But then again, somehow a movie about Facebook hit the big screen, so anything’s possible in a world where Hollywood is officially out of ideas.

Here’s the “trailer”

Article Via @MuscleNerd