Zynga releases ForestVille for iOS devices

Zynga, reigning dreadlords of the social media game universe, have extended yet another talon into a new frontier: ForestVille is now released for iOS.

The game very much follows the formula of their insanely popular Facebook-based title, FarmVille: Free to play, but accelerating progress or getting certain speciality items costs you money (much like other free-to-play games). Zynga pointed out a few ForestVille-specific tidbits that might whet your appetite in case you have absolutely nothing going on in your life:

  • Urban escape – If you’re not the city type, ForestVille is the perfect escape for nature lovers, complete with epic landmarks to decorate your forest.
  • Water works – Like any forest, ForestVille is lush with plenty of water, which will help your community thrive. Work with the beavers to create fun waterways to enhance your community.
  • Cute overload – If you think you’ve seen cute, wait until you see these critters. Meet the animals of ForestVille and we’re pretty sure you’ll try to squeeze them through your iOS device.
It’s an interesting time for Zynga: Only a few days ago they took the company public and scored a formidable $1,000,000,000 for their initial public offering. The success of FarmVille and their other games (like Mafia Wars) has buoyed the company’s value to pretty impressive levels and, as the ForestVille release indicates, they’re not nearly done with us yet.
Source: Intomobile
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