Vostu lays off ‘undisclosed number’ of employees after being sued by Zynga

The biggest social game developer in Latin America, Vostu — the company that brought us Pet Mania and Candy Dash — is experiencing a bit of a rough patch as of late. After a long and drawn out legal dispute with Zynga over alleged copyright infringements, the two companies decided that reaching a settlement agreement was a better idea than continuing to sue each other into oblivion. Unfortunately for Vostu, however, they kind of got the shit end of the stick.

Through the course of its last five years, Vostu has raised nearly $46 million in funding, so it’s probably safe to assume that a big chunk of that has disappeared into the battle. Because of that, TechCrunch reports that Vostu has let go of ‘an undisclosed number of employees,’ and speculates that it’s likely related to the recent stalemate with Zynga.

Even with all of that considered, though, there’s still hope for Vostu. With nearly 3.5 million active monthly users, offices in Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, and New York City, and two new games in the pipeline for next month, it’s unlikely that the company will go under completely. Which I’m sure Zynga is utterly thrilled about. Truthfully, I’m not even a fan of any of Vostu’s titles, but boy, I sure do love to watch Mark Pincus squirm.

Also, it’s kind of ironic that Zynga is suing anyone for ripping off a game since they’re pretty much the world’s worst offender.

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