Temple Run Oz Released, Runs On Temple Run 2 Engine

If your interest in Temple Run 2 has been slowly fading since its release, perhaps Temple Run Oz will be able to get you back into the running, jumping and sliding mood. Temple Run Oz feels and plays like the recent Temple Run 2; however, it is completely painted over with a theme to match Disney’s upcoming film Oz.

The game adds and changes a number of features, including a more active environment that has roads crumbling, tree branches falling and monkeys swooping to attack you. The game also swaps out Temple Run 2’s mine cart sections for a hot air balloon sequence.

Temple Run Developers Imangi Studios have already done one movie tie-in game for Disney in the past, with Temple Run Brave, which ran off the original Temple Run engine.

Like Temple Run Brave, Temple Run Oz will cost you $0.99 as opposed to the free Temple Run 2. Why the versions of the game that are essentially glamorized advertisements cost money while the original versions are free is beyond me. The game will also include the standard micro-transactions for those parents interested in having their kids ruin their lives.

To its credit, Temple Run Oz sounds like it’s made a number of interesting improvements on Temple Run 2. While I couldn’t care less about the Oz theme, for $0.99, it certainly sounds as though it’s worth checking out.

Download the iOS or Android version. (Link for Android version will work once the game goes live later today.)

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