Rymdkapsel Mixes Tetris And StarCraft For iOS Gaming Bliss

StarCraft and Tetris are by far two of my favorite games. While they seem like unlikely companions — with one being a strategy game and the other being a puzzler — the folks behind Rymdkapsel for iOS and Android found a way to mash them up into one beautiful mobile game. The goal is to expand your group of space platforms and safely transport your team of tiny white dots with you. Along the way, you’ll acquire resources like minerals, new team members, and food. You also have to defend yourself from regular alien attacks as the game takes place in space.

The Tetris aspect of the game comes in when expanding. Each expansion piece is shaped like a Tetris block, forcing you to think about how each one fits together to conserve space. Different pieces are different colors, allowing you to easily differentiate each piece.

If Rymdkapsel seems like something you’d enjoy playing on your mobile device, you can purchase it for $3.99 on both iOS and Android. The app has been out since earlier this year, but was only allowed on “Playstation certified” devices up until today, meaning you needed a PS Vita or Sony smartphone to play the game.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.