Put It All On The Line With ‘On The Line’

Sometimes it is surprising how a simple concept can translate into an addictive game. On the Line is a ridiculously simple concept, You hold you finger down and navigate a maze that flows down the screen, making sure you never touch the sides. As you navigate through the maze, obstacles pop up along the way that require you to time out your passage. The progress you make in distance is measured against some of the major landmarks in the world. There are also public leaderboards that track your progress.

On The Line is a really sticky game. The really simple play makes it perfect for those “just one more game” marathons that turn fifteen minutes into an hour. Some of the best mobile experiences are the games that kill your time while standing in line, but also the ones that can steal an hour while sitting on the couch.

What’s Good: Game is simple to learn and really addictive.

What Sucks: Game doesn’t change much. If you don’t like it right away, you won’t like it at all.

Buy it?: This is a simple and addictive game, grab On The Line in the App Store for $0.99.

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