‘New and exciting’ update coming soon for Jetpack Joyride

Fans of the smash hit Jetpack Joyride received some welcome news recently when its developer, Halfbrick, sent out a tweet declaring that a ‘new and exciting’ update was in the works. The game made a huge splash when it debuted back in mid 2011, but it’s been quiet for some time now.

The tweet:

We’re already hard at work on a new and exciting update. Can’t reveal details yet but it’s a big one!

They haven’t given us much to go on in terms of what exactly is coming, but we’re not going to lie – we’re stoked. We’re thinking sweet new jetpacks and some bitchin’ new costumes are pretty likely to make an appearance. However, what we’re really hoping to see are new achievements, new missions, and – please, Halfbrick, for the love of all that is holy – new background art! I can’t speak for my fellow Jetpackers, but that underground lab/aquarium art has lost its appeal for me. Let’s send Barry into the Amazon, shall we? Or we could send him to Egypt. What about shipping him off to space?

The award winning game is currently available on the App Store for free, so if for whatever reason you haven’t had a chance to try it out, there’s no time like the present. It’s an endlessly entertaining, highly addictive game, and this impending update is only going to add to that. Go check it out.

Happy joyriding!

Source: PocketGamer

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