MW3 iOS knock-off Modern Combat 3 announced by Gameloft

Gameloft has a habit of taking the world’s most popular games and narrowly avoiding copyright infringement when releasing their own iOS versions. The company did it with World of Warcraft and this time they’re aiming their sights at Modern Warfare 3. The subtle difference? Well, their upcoming iOS game is titled Modern Combat 3.

It poses more than a passing resemblance to popular FPS series Call of Duty and Battlefield. Then again, both games hold no legal rights over the use of shooting combat within a game, so Gameloft can’t really be blamed for taking advantage of the popularity of modern shooters.

To announce the upcoming sequel, Gameloft released a trailer filled with the expected explosions. Accompanying the announcement was the promise of customisable controls, and the fact that MC3 would feature 12 player multiplayer across six maps and six game modes.

It’s heading to the App Store this Fall and will only cost 99 cents (69p).

Via: Pocket Gamer
Photo Credit: Gameloft

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