Harley Quinn arrives in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown latest update

Arkham City Lockdown is probably one of my favourite games on iOS right now, and today, it just got a little better. NetherRealm added a whole whack of new stuff today in the latest update, including more achievements, new skins, level cap increase, a mini-game, and a whole new area called the “Industrial District.” When this kind of thing happens, it reminds me why it’s okay sometimes to spend a little more money on an iOS title.

So, the part that everyone is most excited for in this update is the arrival of everyone’s favourite shrieking banshee, Harley Quinn, who comes with the Industrial District expansion. They’ve also added “timed thug fights,” the baddies you’ve got to plow through to get to Harley Quinn. A new skill branch has also been added to the Waynetech combat training called Critical Strike, along with an increase to the level cap from 30 to 35. There are two new skins available: a free one called Bruce Wayne, and another for $0.99 called Batman Inc. They also added a new Batarang mini-game, and a bunch of new achievements that should keep you busy for a little while.

The update is already live, so go check it out. If you haven’t yet downloaded the game, now would probably be a good time. As in, now. NOW!

Source: AppAdvice

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