GameFly going digital on September 8

Steam may have the lion’s share of gaming digital distribution, but other providers are beginning to give it a run for its money. US based GameFly is shifting its focus to a digital client in the hope of stealing some of Valve’s dollars. The new client enters beta on September 8 and is already open for registration.

Catering to both PC and Mac gamers, the service will attempt to do things differently by offering gamers unlimited access to a 1,500 strong library of titles. There’s no news on how much the service will cost (a flat monthly fee is expected), but it does mean there’s little risk of purchasing a game that turns out to be rubbish.

Arguably, GameFly is positioning itself to take on cloud-based OnLive more than Steam. There will also be functionality to order physical games, preorder upcoming titles and delve into pre-owned stores. Basically, it’s going to be a hybrid of Steam, OnLive and GameStop.

Via: Macworld
Image Credit: Marco Fiori

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