Galaxy on Fire 2 HD: Valkyrie coming on Thursday

Just a quick heads-up for fans of Fishlabs’s space RPG “Galaxy on Fire 2”. The Valkyrie expansion pack, which has been available for the standard definition version on iOS for a while, will be released for the HD version of the game on Thursday, March 8th.

Valkyrie adds a new storyline, building on the events of the original game, giving the player new systems to explore, new ships and new equipment to use. Valkyrie HD represents an almost complete rewrite of the game; all models (ships, stations, planets, surroundings, etc.) were recreated to take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

The add-on will be available as an in-app-purchase come Thursday. Those who bought the expansion in one of the SD versions of the game will get the universal HD version for free, which is incredible given how much work went into the re-engineering.

If you want to know just how much work the developers of Fishlabs put into Valkyrie HD, head over to their blog and read the developer diaries.

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