EA removes Simpsons: Tapped Out from App Store. D’oh!

As most of you might be aware, The Simpsons haven’t exactly done as well in the gaming world as they have in the world of television entertainment. However, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the newest in a long line of FarmVille clones, actually seems to be helping the cause. The game takes place in Springfield, and after a devastating nuclear explosion, you (as Homer) are tasked with rebuilding the town. Although the reviews for the game haven’t been shining, the game seems to be getting a fair amount of  traction. My guess is that it’s the Simpsons’ name that’s saving it.

That is, of course, until EA promptly removed it from the App Store today. The game was released last Thursday without much problem, but apparently over the course of the last few days, an increasing number of users had been complaining of latency and login issues that were reportedly due to the massive number of new players. EA had  this to say on the Help page of their official website concerning the game’s temporary removal:

To ensure current players have the best possible experience, we’ve temporarily removed The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the App Store to limit the game’s server capacity to its current players and address connectivity and lag time issues. If you’ve downloaded the game, you can continue to play. Actually, your experience should only improve as we work on a solution. As soon as we have resolved these issues to handle greater player capacity, we will return The Simpsons: Tapped Out to the App Store.

So hopefully for those of you who have already downloaded the game, it won’t be long before the issues are resolved, and you can get back to whatever it is you do in games like this. We’ll let you know when it comes back to the App Store. Until then, try going outside.

Elle is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. The time she doesn't spend writing is often spent photographing her cat.