Duke Nukem Forever gets cross platform multiplayer, no one’s playing anyway

And lo, Duke Nukem stood on the mountaintop and proclaimed, yee shall come get some cross platform multiplayer. And thee crowds declared disinterest and went back to their Macs to play games that were worth playing.

Poor old Aspyr Media — at least Gearbox / 3D Realms had the job of developing the atrocious Duke Nukem Forever. The company behind the OS X port revealed a new patch today, promising widespread bug fixes, improvements and the ability to carry four, yes four, weapons in the single player snooze-fest that is the game’s campaign.

And if that wasn’t enough – you can now play with PC gamers in multiplayer. If there were any, that is. You see, after more than a decade of development, Duke Nukem Forever turned out to be a pile of steaming — well, you get the idea. Unsurprisingly people flocked to see whether the game could live up to its huge expectations, realised it was horrific and returned to time-worthy games.

Anyway, if you’re one of the few people still playing the game, there’s plenty of fixes to warrant the download. Hail to the king, my ass.

Via: Inside Mac Games
Photo Credit: tetradtx

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