Dragon Age: Legends Is No Longer Online, But Available For Download


Dragon Age: Legends is a 2D RPG set in the Dragon Age universe. It was launched on Facebook, and later made its way to Google+ (hahahaha), and it allowed players to unlock items in Dragon Age II. Well, as of yesterday, Dragon Age: Legends is no longer online. Sad, I know, but it isn’t the end of your adventure. Today, Bioware announced that Dragon Age: Legends is now a downloadable app on any platform that supports Adobe AIR.

[quote]hile the online chapter of this story has come to a close, you and your stalwart companions still live on in a downloadable game. For you are among the truest heroes of Thedas: THE DRAGON AGE LEGENDS! Continue your legend by playing the Dragon Age Legends downloadable game with FAQs and player support forums there for you as well.[/quote]

If you spent a lot of time playing the game online, and you want to continue that game, fear not. Bioware has you covered.

[quote]If you have played the online version of Dragon Age Legends on either Facebook or Google+, you will soon be able to download your character as a Saved Game and continue playing in the single-player game. We are gathering all the data now and it will be available within a few days. Check back soon for instructions on how to download your character from the online game![/quote]

It is nice to see that even at the end of an online game’s life cycle, the devs care enough to preserve it for fans. Good on you, Bioware. Nice job.

Source: Bioware

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