Dariusburst: Second Prologue hits iOS and is totally worth $10.99

PSP gamers might recognize the title of this game as one of their own, and they’re right. Japanese developer Taito launched this reimagining of the popular Japanese PSP shooter for the iPhone and iPad today, and even though the price point is a hefty one, it doesn’t disappoint.

Dariusburst SP is largely based on the PSP version and features the entire original campaign with a few extra goodies: an additional playable ship, two new boss fights, and a funky new soundtrack. It plays like any side-scrolling shmup, only it features some adequately stunning visuals and some kind of awesome music. What’s super cool about this game is the level of customization that the player is allowed. You can adjust the interface, the position of the screen, the difficulty level, and a bunch of other features. That level of personalization isn’t something you see very often, and I love it.

As far as shooters go, this game is the tits. I know a lot you will have a hard time swallowing the steep price tag, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a shmup fan, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t download this game.

Taito took an awesome PSP game that was previously only available in Japan, and gracefully brought to the iOS platform. It’s a beautifully designed and well-built game that takes advantage of what the iOS platform has to offer. Check it out or be forever devoid of the true awesomeness of shoot ‘em ups on our most beloved platform.

Elle is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. The time she doesn't spend writing is often spent photographing her cat.