Colin McRae DiRT 2 makes it to OS X two years late

Yes, you read that headline correctly and it’s not a typo: DiRT 2 has been finally been released on OS X. Originally published on PC and consoles back in 2009, the Mac version has been ported over by Ferel Interactive. Everything remains intact — there are the 9 lovingly recreated locations (Utah’s a favourite because of its long straights and precarious rocks), 35 tuneable cars and over 100+ events to race through. The amount of content is extremely generous and it’ll keep you busy for several weeks of solid play.

All eight game types (Rally, Rally X, Landrush, Trailblazer, etc.) are playable online and if trading paint with seven other humans doesn’t sound fun, the AI’s pretty good at giving you a run for your money. Even if you’re particularly struggling, there’s the helpful Flashback system. End up in a wall as a crumpled pile of metal? Never mind — you can rewind a (limited) amount of time and retake the corner, hopefully avoiding the same mistake again.

You’ll need a 2.0 Ghz processor, 2.0 GB RAM and 128 MB graphics card. Oh, and $39.99. Hopefully the excellent follow-up DiRT 3 won’t take as long as its predecessor to make it to OS X.

Via: InsideMacGames

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