Slash Your Way To Fun With Chainsaw Warrior

Chainsaw Warrior is another one of those old-school pen and paper single player games that have found a new home on iOS. You get an extensive comic book opening about a soldier that was made mostly of machine and sent into New York City to find “The Darkness.” You only have one hour to tear your way through cultists, zombies, and plagues of rats, all while hoping that you don’t get lost.

The enemies and rooms are all cards in a deck, and you should make sure that you read the cards closely. If you don’t find your goal within an hour, all is lost.

This game is really fun, and it has three difficulty levels that change what stats and equipment you get. This can make the game extremely difficult, but gives you a lot of challenge if you’re looking for it. The game doesn’t really have a lot of story beyond the opening comics, and there isn’t much animation beyond cards and dice in the main game either. This is pretty much as close to pen and paper you can get on your iPad, but it is really fun.

What’s Good: Engaging game system with a lot of challenge for advanced players.

What Sucks: A little bit overwhelming trying to discern your goals in the first few play-throughs. Not a lot of story or animation, so this may have limited appeal.

Buy it?: If you were a fan of game books and single player RPG campaigns, check out Chainsaw Warrior for $4.99 on the App Store.

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