Bogus Pokemon Yellow app hits App Store, now sitting number one

When I heard this morning that there was a possible Pokemon clone on the App Store, my heart was evenly divided between elation and scepticism. Turns out, the latter half had the right idea. Much to the disappointment of nerds everywhere, the app is a fake, and was, in all likelihood created by Satan worshippers who are out to destroy our happiness.

In fact, the developers responsible for this travesty are apparently no strangers to releasing fake games. However, that hasn’t stopped people from downloading it anyway. And really, I can’t actually blame them. I had to physically restrain myself from downloading it on the hopes that I had the one device in the world that would actually run it, and I could hoard all the fun to myself. Wishful thinking and naivety is exactly what the developers of this app are banking on, so whatever you’re thinking, do not download it!

It is kind of interesting to see the amount of people who, despite all of the negative reviews sitting on the app page right now, still downloaded the game anyway. The game is currently storming up the Top App chart. What would be nice is if Nintendo actually took this incident as a sign that maybe it’s time to stop being so bloody stubborn and start seriously considering developing for the iOS platform. Clearly, the audience is there, and there’s a nice chunk of money to be made.

We’re not linking to the game. Screw those guys.

Source: TouchArcade

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