Accounts Hacked, Users Told To Change Passwords, a popular multiplayer gaming service by Blizzard, was recently hacked. Users were told to change their passwords as quickly as possible as the hackers managed to steal scrambled passwords from servers. However, Blizzard does not think that the scrambled passwords can be linked to usernames, so most users should be safe. Blizzard has also confirmed that no personal or billing information was stolen either. Finally, Blizzard has also confirmed that the email addresses linked to accounts were not stolen, so most users can breathe easy after changing their passwords. Blizzard is also confident that it will be extremely difficult for hackers to decrypt the stolen passwords; however, they (and us) highly recommend that you change your passwords as there’s always the possibility that they could be dehashed in the future.

Blizzard currently uses the store to sell their games such as Diablo III, Starcraft II as well as others. is also used for cross-platform multiplayer gaming between Mac and PC users, allowing gamers to play with each other from anywhere in the world. Almost all PC gamers use to purchase some of the most popular games on the net, so a security breach could be devastating if credit card and billing information were leaked.

Source: Macrumors
Image Credit: action_1971

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