Full iPhone means we can’t delete apps?

    Lets say you’re an app reviewer that has a iPod full of mediocre apps, and a couple of gems.  Let’s say we’ve run out of space on our phone and the only way we can get to an application is by using Apple’s spotlight integration.  No problem yet!.  But, what happens when you decide you want to remove an application that doesn’t have a home on the screen.  See the problem?  There’s currently no way to delete it unless you take care of it the next time you sync your phone with iTunes.  I smell an opportunity for a future iPhone OS release.

    Hey, they want us to use our phones as mobile computers, but they can’t give us the ability to delete our applications?  Is this some sort of sick joke?  Can we please get an application listing app that lets us manage our applications that our phone has decided to banish to the nether that’s now known as Spotlight Mobile Edition?

    Seems like a glaring oversight considering we’ll all eventually be filling up our screens with sweet iPhone applications in the upcoming years.

    Anyone else having this problem?


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