Front Row and OS X Server

Recently there was an update for OS X 10.5 regarding Front Row. The version was updated to 2.1.6. This update allows for iTunes 8 compatability and the infamous “bug fixes.” You can download that here. Now for most, this will come up automatically, but not for me on my iMac. As some readers may be aware, I have OS X 10.5 Server installed on my iMac. Guess what Apple doesn’t do? That’s right boys and girls, they don’t update Front Row for OS X Server (it’s stuck at version 2.0).

While I can understand that 99% of those running OS X Server are not running Front Row, there are those few (myself included) who will run Front-Row quite often on their server. My iMac is my media server. I have over 2.4 TB of space for media. With Front Row not being updated, I cannot browse my music, play songs, videos or anything else from my iTunes Library. Of course, I can create an alias to play anything I want, but why should I have to be forced to do that when I have iTunes setup.

Why can’t apple just update Front Row for Server. It’s not that big of an update, and I mean within the latest update to 10.5 (see here for that information), it would’ve added a whole 12 more Megabytes, or hell, even keep it as a separate download.

Maybe I’ll try copying the install files from my laptop and just overwrite the ones on server and see if that works. I’ll keep everybody posted.

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