From free to paid

    The app store is a great place for your iPhone/iPod Touch needs. Be it for games, utilities or entertainment the app store has every thing you need. The best part of the app store is the wonderful amount of free apps!

    But this post really isn’t about all the free apps in the app store. This is about developers releasing their app for free, then putting a price on it. I understand needing to make some money, but I have a real problem with a developer thinking that since their app was more popular than they thought it would be, they should start charging. They update their free version to strip down features and put ads in, and they make the new paid version the old free app. This has happened to more than a few apps that I have downloaded and it is really irritating. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying for an app. I have paid for most of the apps on my iPhone and iPod Touch. I don’t even have a problem with a developer releasing a 2.0 version of the app that is paid. But don’t strip out features just because you want to make some money on your app. Either keep it free, or release it as a paid app from the get go.

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